Corporate Profile

ANA Regional is a Trading and Contracting Company dealing supply & installation of specialized products for bridges, motorways, buildings & infrastructures, providing Engineering services and support for Civil & Mechanical Engineering applications, among them to mention:

LMK Post‐Tensioning materials (anchorages, hardware, strands, tendon ducts and accessories).
• All types of structural Bearings for bridges (elastomeric, pot, spherical, anti-seismic … etc.).
• All types of Expansion Joints for bridges (Elastomer, modular, Strip Seal … etc.).
Traffic & Safety systems (Crush Cushions, guard rail, truck mounted attenuators … etc.).
• Bridges, Buildings & Highways structural elements.
• Installation & supervision.
Inspection, evaluation, NDT testing.
Repair, maintenance & retrofitting of structural elements requiring sophisticated know-how (bridge expansion joints installation, repair & replacement, jacking and lifting of bridges for replacement & repair of bearings, energy absorption systems for vehicles installation, repair & replacement etc.).
• Design and Civil Works for infrastructure projects.

The selection is aiming to provide useful information to Authorities, Consultants, Tenderers and Engineers as a tool to understand, select and support in a prompt manner the concept of a PT Design and Application.